Your Mind Is Your Power
— Gina Ciancio

My Mission & motto




enough to rise

up, to become unstoppable, to confront your fears and walk confidently and directly into your calling.


enough to know

who you really are, to love yourself unconditionally, to have unwavering self - belief and know exactly which direction to walk in life - knowing and understanding fully your dreams, hopes and visions.


enough to wear

courage well, to let go, to know you are destined for greater things.


from the burden

of your past adversities, to live truly and freely abundantly letting go of hurt, anger, bitterness, resentment, fear and resistance to forgive.

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By definition: transformation, change, alteration, conversion, modification, remodelling, reconstruction.

“a change of the form or nature of a thing or person into a completely different one.”

My Philosophy

In life, we have many names and many roles that we must fulfil. Mother, daughter, wife, sister, friend, father, son, husband. We often get so caught up in playing these roles that we let who we REALLY are slip away. We go through life playing it nice and safe, too afraid and too ashamed to face our fears, our challenges and the things of the past that haunt us.

As human beings, we feel this need to cling on to the bad, the hurt, the pain, the bitterness, the anger, resentment and the shame - when in actual fact, we were never created to carry the weight of these burdens. Don’t you think it’s time to arise and be all you were created to be? Don’t you think it’s time to be fierce, focused, fearless and free? Think about what that would look like for a minute. Think of the feeling of being completely fearless and free...What would that mean to you? You see, it is something that we think of from time to time, but when we really consciously think about it, picture it and then begin to implement it into our lives - this is when we encounter change but it must be desired.  

Sometimes, we are afraid of change, afraid of letting go, and most definitely afraid of the unknown, even if that “unknown” will reap a whole new world of blessing for us. Im here to tell you that it is time to make a dent in your own growth, to remove that blindfold from your eyes, that change is ok and that it is good, that you’ve been on the ground long enough and that it’s time to grab hold of your brave and live in abundance. Why? Because you are WORTHY of it, you are deserving of it and because you CAN.

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